Owl Stars Alphabet Line Classroom Display Set

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It's OWL about learning! ABC's classroom display set surrounded by playful Owl-Stars! – what a captivating way to teach the alphabet. Standard Manuscript with upper case and lower case letters over 12ft long.

A super long alphabet line surrounded by the colourful and playful owls from the owl-stars collection . Standard Manuscript with Upper case and lower case letters. 31 piece durable and re-usable set for reference all year-round includes 9 letter strips, 2 adjustable house sliders, and 18 accents. 8.5" high, assembled line is over 12ft long. Coordinates with other products from the Owl-Stars! Collection.

  • Display set for reference year-round
  • Durable and Re-usable
  • 29 pieces
  • over 8" high Assembled
  • line is over 12ft long