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Display Board Ready Letters - Bubbles Playful 4" combo pack

Free uk p&p £7.49
Punch out and pin up Bubbles playful Display Ready Letters for attention-getting messages. Sturdy and durable paper, Brighter, richer colours and fade-resistant.

Are you looking at enhancing your classroom display? Trend Ready Letters are a range of bright and colourful display letters that are available in contemporary styles, bright colors, and fun patterns that will enhance every kind of school, classroom or group display. Make you notice board noticeable brighten up your school news display or enhance your learning activity boards with these easy to use display letters. The perforated design makes it so, just push out the letters and pin them up. Ready letters are time saving, fade resistant, durable and reusable, for adhesive letters follow this linl alphabet stickers. This Combination value Set contains Bubbles Playful 59 uppercase display letters, 83 lowercase display letters, 20 numerals 0-9, 36 punctuation marks, and 18 Spanish accent marks.