120 Strawberry Well Done Star 30mm Scented Reward Stickers for Teachers, Parents and Party Bags

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These Strawberry Well Done Star Themed scented reward stickers are perfect to make a big impression on young learners and can be used with any Reward System or for personalising stationary or party bags.

Great value with 120 Strawberry Well Done Star Reward Stickers per pack, Scratch them or rub them for a bust of Strawberry fragrance,. Scratch n Sniff fun for use in the school classroom or at home, Perfect for both teachers and parents to reward Good Behaviour or Marking Work. Ideal for personalising folders, books, Party bags and more..
  • 5 Scented Sheets per pack
  • Sticker Circle Diameter 30 mm
  • Strawberry Scented
  • 120 Scented stickers in total
  • Comes with Resealable Cellophane bag to keep stickers smelling fresh
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