Trend Teaching NUMBERS 0-100 Counting Pocket Flash Cards

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Teacher-created counting numbers 0-100 flash cards, ideal for reinforcing basic skills at home or in the school classroom. Set includes activity ideas to challenge growing skill levels.

Learn numbers and number word recognition for numbers 0 through to 100 with this set of Pocket sized Flash Cards. Each flash card clearly displays a number and the corresponding number word, making number recognition, counting, and number sequencing easy and fun. The added parent/teacher cards offer fun ideas for guiding your child or class through fun activities along with suggestions for individual play. 56 cards in total with rounded corners, TREND's Numbers 0-100 Pocket Flash Cards supports early maths skills, encourages individual and group play or practice, and provides easy recognition with colour coding for odd and even numbers.

  • 56 cards per pack
  • rounded corners for ease of use and quick sorting.
  • Includes activity cards
  • card size approx 8 cm x 13 cm