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Comments | Posted in News By Matthew Tunstall
With my 4 year old son starting primary school educational flash cards have become an important part in my child's education. It's a necessity for a parent like myself or a teacher to understand the importance of drilling in the basic foundation's of learning the key skills at an early age whether it's at home or in the classroom.

Flash cards are the perfect product on the market for helping to archive this. The unique feature that flash cards hold are the way you can randomly test different sequences and patterns. Children have great memories which is great for learning and sponging up new information but when teaching numbers, letters or words from a book this great memory can actually result in your child just learning a sequence rather than the actual context.
An example of this is when our child's teacher handed him a piece of paper with all the letters of the alphabet randomly spread over the page to learn over a period of time at home. After approx a week of being taught he had learnt all the letters, which was great! we continued to test him with this page over the following week with 100% success rate but then the true test came when I shuffled up a pack of alphabet flash cards. To my surprised he could only get 18 correct which we still thought was a great achievement but what had happened to the other 8 letters. This is because he had actually learnt the sequence of letters rather than the actual letter itself. He could of probably read it back with his eyes closed if I asked him too.
That's why flash cards are so important, creating a unique sequence of letters, sight words, phonics or numbers every time you teach is so important.

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Comments | Posted in News By Matthew Tunstall

Flashcard Wheels

09/03/2014 22:46

Flashcards or flash cards are a set of cards bearing information, as words or numbers, on either or both sides, used in classroom drills or in private study.
Flashcards can bear vocabulary, historical dates, formulas or any subject matter that can be learned via a question and answer format.
Taking the process forward into the new teaching era is a revolutionary new design.

The Math Wheel Flash card

The Flashcard Flash Wheel, a teacher created product by Trend Enterprises.

How they work.

1. spin the wheel to create an equation
2. Find the answer on the back and work that equation, too!
3. Spin for the next number and begin again

This product is available at Sticker Stocker in "Addition and Subtraction" or "Multiplication and Division"

Comments | Posted in News By Matthew Tunstall

Flash Cards

27/02/2014 23:10

Teach all the key subjects, key stages and basic skills including Literacy, Numerics, Phonics, Objects, Colours and Shapes.Read More
Comments | Posted in News By Matthew Tunstall

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