There are approx 2.6 million people in the United Kingdom living with Coronary Heart Disease (CHD).  Each one of us has a heart which means every one of us could possible be at potential risk.

Getting an understanding of heart conditions isn't simple, there are lots of individual types and understanding how the heart works is helpful while trying to educate yourself or others about these conditions; but taking a look at these simple facts should benefit yourself and the people in your life you love in the long run.

Controlling a healthy diet, regular exercise, and keeping a close eye on your blood pressure are just a few crucial factors. The British Heart Foundation's website has informative facts about different heart diseases and how you can beat them, and while your there don't forget to register to get your free fundraising kit and help to raise money for this wonderful charity.

The month of February also gives us a perfect reason to sip a glass or two of red wine - its a great month for holding your own Red Wine Tasting Evening!  Red Wine is known to be good for the heart - in moderation only, so why not continue with the theme by organising a "Come Dine Red with Me" evening by getting your friends/family to bring with them a red themed dish, for example a beef casserole dish or similar with a red wine sauce or  a delicious strawberry dessert or similar - the ideas are endless and remember its a great opportunity for you to enhance your cooking skills and at the same time raise money for a worthy cause.There are also plenty of other activities for everyone to try including work collegues, family members or friends to take part in. Fro example you could have a wear something red to work day, dye your hair red for February, or if your feeling crafty make Valentine's Day cards to raise funds for this worthwhile cause.  Whatever you choose to do for National Heart Month, you can do it however you want!

We have some great heart shaped and valentine themed stickers available in our store. Click the link here for the full range

Love themed Stickers

Heart Themed Stickers

There are also some great games and challenge resources for schools - teaching children about how to maintain good health and heart at an early stage. Here are some examples  and ideas to get you thinking.

Print out, colour fun activity

Print out activity

Threading a heart design is a great activity to encourage hand eye co-ordination and to develop motor skills, or why not create a heart themed matching numbers game to help envourage number recognition, sorting and ordering, lastly fold a cardboard roll down the straight to bend into a heart themed stamping tool, dip into a pot of red paint to create some valentine art.


Heart Threading  Activity

Heart themed Learning resources



Heart themed craft activity

Heart themed activity