Cool Stickers with Stickerstocker

Ever since times of old, man has strived for recognition, whether through competition, studies or showing off their skills. In modern days, footballers compete for those acclaimed trophies, scientists, philosophers and poets strive to win Nobel Peace Prizes and be recognised for their achievements.

Of course we can’t all be the best in the world at what we put our minds to but it is certainly nice to be rewarded and recognised when we do achieve something, especially if we are children who are growing up and learning new skills and achieving new things each day. Even little things like good behaviour should be rewarded

Here at Stickerstocker we specialise in all kinds of certificates and stickers that reward children on their achievements, whether it is attitudes, behaviours or learning new skills, and the cool thing about our stickers is that they are simply cool.


 Cool Stickers


So if you are a teacher or parent what kind of cool stickers can you use from Stickerstocker you may ask? Our range includes superb smiley stickers, reward stars and some very cool designs such as our popcorn stickers, animal stickers and way to go stickers just to name a few of our extensive range. You can even get reward charts for them to go on so you can track progression.

So whether it’s saying well done at home for keeping a tidy bedroom or doing their weekly chores, or at School and learning a new language (We have a range of Spanish Stickers!) or even for a class competition you will find all you need at Stickerstocker and at affordable prices too.

As well as our stickers you will also find a range of other educational and fun products such as name tags and labels, books, display products and much more. Happy sticking!