Recognition is a basic human trait, throughout history people have set out to achieve recognition whether for scientific discovery or to go down in the annals of time as great leaders or inventors, the bottom line is we love being recognised for our achievements. As well as the recognition comes the rewards, sportspeople such as golfers love the money they win, but for many of them it is the ‘lifting of the trophy’ that gives them their greatest reward and sense of achievement and this is the philosophy behind Stickerstocker.

We are a UK based company that provide reward stickers, certificates and rewards that are the perfect encouragement in the classroom. And with such a versatile range or products it is easy to integrate into your teachers plan to encourage pupils to excel in their lessons and set their goals higher to achieve better results whilst retaining the fun element in education.

This is the gold star system evolved and brought into the 21st century, as well as a range of wall charts where pupils compete against each other, Stickerstocker even offer a range of scratch and sniff stickers that adds that extra layer of fun element into education and learning. Other products such as motivational phrase stickers, wall charts and for those who teach foreign languages such as French or Spanish there are Trend Language Stickers to name but a few.

Encouragement in achieving goals in the classroom is the perfect way of laying the foundations for pupils to achieve later in life whether through college and university or through their chosen career as well as setting the bar for their immediate learning progression. Making education fun keeps your pupils engaged and are more likely to produce a higher standard of work which in turn means higher grades and more success.

Using Stickerstocker you can choose how to reward and recognise your pupils educational achievements and if you so wish mix and match various rewards, for instance run a wallchart throughout the term and award certificates for those who ‘over achieve’, top of the class and best improved, the choice is entirely yours and the only limitation is your own imagination and innovation on how to implement this fun rewards system.

Shopping at Stickerstocker couldn’t be simpler, as well as accepting all major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal, teachers can also take advantage of our UK School purchase order making placing the orders as easy as ordering any other supplies or stationary. We also provide free delivery within the UK. To see our full range of stickers, certificates and rewards visit or leave us a message via our contact form and we will be in touch.