Display Board Ready Letters - Green 4" Casual

Punch out and pin up display letters for attention-getting messages. Count on these 4" Ready Letters for durability, Brighter and richer colours with a Fade-resistant green finish.

These quality Display letters are suitable for the school classroom, office workplace, or play group .Trend Ready Letters are available in many different styles, bright colours, and fun patterns which enable to create attention grabbing notice board displays, school news display or to enhance your learning activity board. Ready letters are perforated so just push-out the letters and pin them up. Time saving, fade resistant, sturdy, durable and reusable.

Set contains the following 4" high characters:

  • 50 upper-case green display letters,
  • 10 numerals 0-9,
  • 10 punctuation marks and 1 blank sheet.

Please note Ready Letters are non adhesive reusable pin up letters, Please see our stick-eze range for adhesive letters