Sticker Stocker is a UK family run business specialising in products that make learning, craft and playtime fun and educational. At Sticker Stocker we supply innovative products for children of every age at every stage of learning including 1000’s of stickers to inspire the youngest imagination and make craft fun Reward/chore charts to encourage good behaviour in your little ones, Stinky Stickers! Scratch ‘n’ Sniff fun for all ages and teacher created products to aid your children’s learning. Your children will not even be aware they are learning as they will just be having too much fun!!!
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Sticker Stocker
C/O Bassetts Transport
The Old Vicarage
Stone Road


ST12 9HA

United Kingdom

Company Number 7591551

Our registered VAT number is GB 198457252

Our own branded goods are sold under the brand name Sticker Stocker reg UK00003287472

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All of our products are carefully sourced from around the world to give you the best quality and peace of mind including many award winning products


School resources, Teaching Supplies, Primary school resources, Reward Stickers, Reward Charts