96 Yellow Smile Lemon Meringue Scratch 'n' Sniff Reward Stickers

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Fun, bright lemon meringue stinky stickers that kids will love, perfect for any occasion. Scratch 'em and sniff 'em for a burst of fragrance! popular as rewards, incentives and more. 96 Stickers per pack

Scratch n Sniff dots with big scents! Put them anywhere for quick, fun rewards. Child-pleasing graphics and long-lasting fragrances. Acid-free, non-toxic, and safe for use on photos. Fun, bright designs make these stickers perfect for any occasion, any day of the year. Scratch 'em and sniff 'em for a burst of a Lemon Meringue fragrance!

  • Acid-free, nontoxic,
  • safe for use on photos.
  • Stinky Stickers are popular for rewards, incentives, and more
  • 96 stickers per pack
  • 4 Sheets per pack
  • Sticker size 20mm