60 TREND At the Movies (Popcorn) Scratch n Sniff Reward Stickers

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Kids will love these fun, bright popcorn stinky stickers, perfect for any occasion. Scratch 'em and sniff 'em for a burst of fragrance! popular as rewards, incentives and more. 60 smelly stickers per pack.

If you love the Cinema then you will love these popcorn scented scratch n sniff stickers. Each reward sticker includes one of the following motivational messages 'Classic', 'Two Thumbs Up' and 'Star'. These stinky reward stickers that are not only visually colourful and bright but also fun. Scratch & Sniff them for a burst of popcorn scent that any movie lover will crave. Perfectly sized for use with reward incentive charts, Great for teachers for rewarding excellent work in the classroom or ideal for parents for praising great behaviour at home.

  • 4 sheets of Trend stinky stickers
  • 3 colourful and bright designs.
  • 60 scratch n sniff reward stickers per pack,
  • sticker size approx 25 mm each in diameter
  • Popcorn scent.
  • Child friendly, acid-free, non toxic
  • safe to use on photo's.