5100 Awesome Assortment superSpots superShapes Reward Stickers

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5100 stickers, Little rewards for big successes, Awesome assortment Stickers are the perfect size for reward charts

Awesome Assortment and Amazing Value, 5100 fun and colourful stickers per pack. SuperSpot and SuperShape Stickers are 11mm approx, the perfect size for reward charts and incentive Pads (Available Here). Perfect for the teacher or parent, great for motivating good behaviour at home or for reward outstanding work in the school classroom.

  • 67 designs (Perky Penguins, Fabulous Fish, Sports Balls, Star Brights, Totally Buggy, Happy Smiles, Super Words, Cheer Words, Cool Words, Silly Stars, Frog Fun, Tasty Apples),
  • Sticker Size approx 11mm
  • Acid free, nontoxic
  • safe for photos.
  • 5,100 stickers in total