400 Red Sparkle Stars superShapes reward stickers

400 red chart-sized sparkle stars stickers, Great for reward charts, popular as rewards, incentives and more.

Little rewards for big successes These Red chart-sized stickers are perfect for Incentive Pads and reward charts. Trend Reward stars are recognised by children all around the world for results in good work achieved or a display of great behaviour at home or in the classroom. Ideal for teacher's or parent's, these red star stickers are sized perfectly to use with your reward star chart or marking your child or pupils work. Sparkle Stars are child friendly stickers, Non-Toxic and Acid Free. Foil back so more durable than paper stickers.

  • 400 red sparkle reward star stickers per pack
  • Sticker size approx 11mm each
  • Foil stickers - more durable than paper
  • Acid Free and non toxic