30 Excellence Certificates and 32 gold award seals Combo Pack

Reward pupils achievement with one easy pack. Excellence certificates and coordinating embossed Award Seals honour accomplishments to make every child feel like a success.

Large distinguished reward certificate of excellence for celebrating everyday accomplishments in life and to award moments of success in the school classroom, workplace office or at home. Printed on high grade gsm paper, each pack contains 30 certificates and 32 2" embossed award seals. Perfect for hand written personalisation or just pop in your printer and download the free template. The included embossed Excellence Award Seal stickers will make your certificate stand out from the crowd as a treasured keepsake. 32 Seals and 56 mixed Gold Stars included in this pack. 30 certificates per pack, 32 Embossed award seal stickers - 50cm diameter, 56 Gold star stckers, Printer-compatible and ready to frame. Free Online Template for easy printing.