Parents, teachers, child minders never underestimate the power of a sticker. Who would of ever thought that back in 1935 when R. Station Avery invented the first self adhesive label across the world over half a century later parents and teachers will be rewarding there children's good behaviour with such a simple, cheap but effective product.
kids reward stickers
Kids of all ages love colourful bright stickers and to get rewarded with them is a big deal to a child especially from someone they look up to. The word "sticker" in our household has more power than a bribe of candy or chocolate. If used correctly reward stickers can encourage and motivate the best behaviour from your children and help you in effectively disciplining the strongest willed child. Create a calendar or reward chart and reward them for good daily behaviour with a sticker.
Set them targets for example. When they hit ten stickers the get a trip to the local toy store. When they hit 20 or Good beavouir for a full week (7 In a row) rewards them with a trip to there favourite place and so on. When they hit there goal give them a token or a certificate to keep until your ready to trade for the reward. this will help them remember what they achieved and the reason behind it. These are just a few ideas on the best way to use reward stickers. Please feel free to comment or share your ideas and thoughts.